The production of SUPPORTA doors covers an area of 4,000 m2, comprising an automated production process.

Our doors are not of ready-made elements, rather the raw material is mechanically processed to the final product. Processing is completely performed in the production plant on specialized computer ran equipment and CNCs putting a constant spotlight on trained operators and young machines.

The production and warehouse of finished products with their capacities enable the shortest delivery period, regardless of the ordered quantities.

Constant investment in latest machinery and warehouse capacities, continual improvement of production, certification of products and work processes, monitoring of trends and thoroughly understanding of customer needs, provide SUPPORTA an advantage and keep us competitive in the demanding European market.

Great attention is paid to social responsibility and environmental protection, whereby the treatment of waste is performed during the processing of materials. In this way, the production is completely closed - from the procurement of raw materials in large dimensions to the production of fine elements of SUPPORT interior doors.