SUPPORTA interior door is the product of commitment and faith in our own abilities. Perseverance in ideas and quality that everyone would want in their homes has created the business idea and the principle of SUPPORTA. The energy of the young SUPPORTA team brings enthusiasm into the business and contributes to the ease of collaboration. Openness and honesty both in the presentation of the product and in the business itself have set the goal of the satisfied customer who confirms the trust in SUPPORTA doors. Every single element and decor have a personal character and have been chosen carefully and persistently with the intention for every SUPPORTA door user to have the functional and esthetic detail that will decorate the interior for years.


From product selection to delivery and installation, SUPPORTA is there to answer all your questions and provide full support. Reliable advisors will listen to all the needs and requests and suggest the best solution. Every customer is unique and SUPPORTA's goal is to make the interior door furnishing as simple of an experience as possible.


Whether you choose a door from our serial production or a door made according to your needs, SUPPORTA offers you a unique visual experience. Working with Italian designers, we satisfied the aspiration of making even serial products visually unique. Thus, every door in the interior, even those that are not made according to a specific request, will have their own look that is exceptional.


Interior doors are not just a product that we produce dedicatedly, but they are our passion. A strong desire to improve and learn leads the SUPPORTA team to new ideas and solutions, expanding knowledge and creating valuable experience.


Dedicated selection and constant control of materials used along with automated production process ensures consistence in the quality of SUPPORTA door. All materials used in our production are of known European origin and each possess necessary certificate depending on the material type and usage. Production process of every new collection is completed only after the highest quality standard is achieved undergoing tests in the IMS and The Rosenheim Institute.

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Every day of many years’ experience of SUPPORTA team is steered towards innovations to meet new needs and esthetic demands. Continual investment in development of innovation is an advantage felt by customer through comfort and ease of buying and using of the door.


Aside from attractive design, consistent quality and automatized mechanical production, SUPPORTA possesses an irresistible set of values and performs its production growth in a socially responsible manner. SUPPORTA understands the importance of environmental protection and believes in social responsibility that starts from an individual. Therefore, materials used are coming from renewable forest resources and our production process is carried out in compliance with strict regulations for protecting environment and human health. In addition, at the end of production process all waste material is being reprocessed into pellet that is tested in laboratory and certified as ecologically accepted.


SUPPORTA satisfies esthetic requirements of interior designers, as a door line of modern and provocative decors and exceptional finishing. Functional and elegant, it suits all residential types and different styles of interior decoration, following modern trends in interior design. The original and organic design, unobtrusively creates an effect of natural structures, and the unique patterns give the impression of handmade doors.


Thanks to a high number of employees working on product improvement on daily basis as well as high level of organization, SUPPORTA with its production and storage capacity guarantees the shortest delivery time-from taking measures, making the custom size door till the delivery on site and installation. In this way, apart from the product quality, the highest level of attendant services is provided.